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Because it’s currently the factory summer shutdown, I’m up to my proverbials in work at the moment. This means I really don’t have
Well, this is a turn up for the books isn’t it? Fabian Delph has come out with a totally unequivocal statement that says he’s staying.
“Sidforever” has sent the following in; “I am glad to see Scott Sinclair has signed. I like the fact he adds goals from midfield an
Quite simply, I thought I might take a look at the month of January. And although I could hardly believe it myself, it’s actually not…
First, let’s sum up the story. A family, consisting of a mother (supporting the Villa), a father (supporting Utd) and their two young sons, age
I stated my case about why I believe Lambert has to go in my previous post, but I see some people are still asking for…
Which do you prefer to read on this site? For what it’s worth, Ian has some of the most outlandish thoughts on any Villa site…



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