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Villa News has the capability to automatically generate stories from your Aston Villa blog news feed. Instead of having to submit your stories to Villa News manually, we will automatically fetch your stories to be featured on the site. This will of course bring your site greater exposure and traffic from our visitors.

When your blog is featured on Villa News we will automatically create links to all new stories you post, which can include a short excerpt from the beginning of your post. (This can be disabled if you just prefer to have the titles of your posts displayed.)

If you have a Villa blog and would like to have your content syndicated on villanews.net please follows these steps :

Linking back to us

When stories from you blog are being syndicated on Villa News, we strongly request that you link back to us.

This will preferably be a link in your sidebar or blogroll, and you can use the ready made codes below. Please use the badge image where possible.

Simply copy and paste the code from one of the boxes below into the html of your site where you wish the badge or text link to appear.

Villa News Featured Badge (Preferred)

Example: Villa News

Villa News Text Link

Example: Villa News



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