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The situation at Villa Park is one that the Aston Villa faithful are becoming fairly used to and the relegation scrap is real, with Garde’s Villa sid
Tom Waller explains why Saturday's home game against Watford is the biggest in Aston Villa's recent history.
As thing stand, no team has survived relegation with 5 points. Can Aston Villa do the impossible and survive this season? So far, I’d say…
The right-back impressed as the Toffees smashed Aston Villa, while James McClean was involved in West Brom's second goal in their shock win
Everton's Romelu Lukaku is on course to become a top striker and Roberto Martinez is the ideal manager to get the best out of the Belgian, according
After Saturday’s thumping at the hands of Everton, I was wandering through Shrewsbury with my better half and she asked why I was so quiet. Was it th
Everton thrashing shows just how much work the new Aston Villa manager has to do if relegation is to be avoided
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