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The rumours have hit fever pitch, with all roads leading to former West Bromwich Albion coach Roberto Di Matteo being appointed as the next Aston Vil
When does the 2016/17 pre-season start for your Premier League team and who will they be facing?
The 2015-16 season may not have gone to plan but over the years Aston Villa Football Club has had plenty of skilled footballers who pleased the fans
Providing the owners and directors test proceeds with no hiccups, Aston Villa Football Club has a new owner in Chinese businessman Dr Tony Xia. Some
It’s been a very busy week for Aston Villa Football Club with Dr Tony Xia awaiting official approval of his bid to buy the club through the 
We finished the season rock bottom of the Premier League after the players we so happily paid to watch completely disgraced themselves and the club.
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