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Gabriel Agbonlahor has stepped down as Aston Villa club captain with immediate effect and apologised to the supporters.
It's a Fantasy Football Club special this week as Paul Merson meets up with former West Ham, Chelsea and England winger Joe Cole.
Aston Villa's acting boss Eric Black has delivered a damning assessment of the "toxic" working conditions at the club.
Another eye watering performance on Saturday meant the Villa faithful’s anger grew louder and louder with anger. There were some awful performa
The fans’ consultation group met at Villa Park before the Southampton game on Saturday 23rd April. Fans’ representatives in attendance we
Former Aston Villa midfielder Stiliyan Petrov believes he could return to play for the relegated Premier League side after winning.
Stiliyan Petrov has told Sky Sports News HQ that it was "always on my mind" to make a return to professional football following his battle with cance
Did you see what I did there, given that it’s currently Shakespeare season? Hmm, moving quickly on; Aston Villa seem to be flavour of the…
Let’s be very blunt: there is nothing much that is positive coming out of Villa Park right now. Despite vague rumours of an impending takeover, every
Manchester City's Sergio Aguero has topped the Sky Sports Power Rankings after scoring five goals in three games.
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