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The Sun is running a report from a ‘top villa International’ that McAllister is the one to blame. It has to be remembered he was the 4th
Aston Villa away at Everton Follow all the action as Aston Villa travel away to Everton in the Premier League on 02-Apr-
The one thing about the PR this week is that no one should underestimate just how big tomorrow is. Villa have not gone all out to back fans campaigns
EvertonĀ haven’tĀ beaten Villa in the league at Goodison Park since 2006, however there last 6 games have seen them win 13 from 18 points, while
Nearly half of skysports.com readers believe Wigan Athletic are most likely to be relegated from the Premier League.
Stewart Downing insists the players are behind Gerard Houllier as Villa look to avoid relegation.
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