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Jon Law has reflected on the past week and life is not a pleasure beach Another week of ups and downs with another hectic one to follow on the Villa
Everything that needed to be said about the thumping defeat on Sunday has been said. Everyone's had their say. I agree with some, and I disagree with
Skipper Stiliyan Petrov has blamed Aston Villa's horror show at Newcastle in the Premier League on Sunday on their own naivety...
On VT the General has replied to some anger from the fans with the following and it shows that they are feeling it like we all are. 1. It is somewhat
Rob’s first ‘view from the North Stand’ of the season and has there ever been such a contrast of emotions within a week ? —&#
This will be a short version of my match reviews, since we all know there is not much any of us want to talk about. We were well and truly beaten, an
I thought about what I could write about today, and to be honest I’ve struggled to come up with something and that is probably why non of the o
Luke sent in a post earlier, about yesterday and I even wrote a post about yesterday, but I scrapped both. I then wrote a post about not wanting Bob
Stiliyan Petrov insists Villa will bounce back after their 'naive' performance against Newcastle.
Skipper Stiliyan Petrov has blamed Aston Villa's horror show at Newcastle on their own naivety...
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