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On the OS MON has confirmed a bid has been received for Luke Young and it appears that it has been accepted as Luke is mulling over the personal offe
MON tonight sent out a young reserve side to Walsall as Villa came away with a 2-1 victory at the Bescott cheered on by 3000 Villans in a crowd of 5,
In today’s U21 semi final England were thoroughly outplayed in a 3-1 defeat against Spain. For the Villa lads, Baker was taken of early with an
As reported on the Mail’s website, Sidwell is in the squad for fitness reasons but apart from the obvious exclusion of Milner should be a fairl
Always the same provsio, caution, this is only information being posted and not to be taken as the literal truth ! From ‘MYSTERYMAN’ on V
{rokbox title=|Almost new Aston Villa kit :: You just gotta love the marketing department| thumb=|images/new-aston-villa.jpg| size=|473 696|}images/
West Ham co-owner David Sullivan insists midfielder Scott Parker is staying at the club as Aston Villa do not have enough money to sign him...
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