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A new odds-on favourite for the Aston Villa hot seat has emerged in the last 24 hours in the form of former West Bromwich Albion and MK Dons manager
Thankfully, we have just another ninety minutes of this terrible, terrible season to endure. The final outing at Villa Park brought, predictably, ano
Aston Villa caretaker boss Eric Black felt hard done by as his side lost 4-0 to Arsenal on the final day of the season.
Whether you love the game for the thrills it provides you with or you simply enjoy the lucrative opportunities you can get from online soccer betting
A draw against a new rival in Newcastle United at the weekend stopped us setting a new club record of twelve consecutive defeats. The Magpies played
Any team can challenge for the Premier League next season after Leicester's unprecedented success, says Paul Merson.
It's awards season up and down the country, but which players were crowned the best at your Premier League club?
How closely were you paying attention to the 2015/16 Premier League season? Find out by taking our quiz...
It will all be over soon. This weekend, the season’s end will bring to a close the most difficult time I have experienced as a Villa fan in my
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